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Teaching is my great passion.

The points are gateways or access points to the channels – the lines of communication to and from and between the organs. They are like the subway line and subway stops. You can only access a subway line at certain locations, and you choose certain stops for certain reasons (transfer to another subway, perhaps a talented musician).

What is the theory behind acupuncture?
Practitioners of Chinese medicine have been studying and observing the human condition for over 2000 years. Their observations led to the discovery that there are “channels” in the body through which qi (“life energy”) flows. There are 12 “main” channels which connect and are directly related to internal organs. For example, the Stomach channel starts below the eye, travels down the front of the torso (where it dives in and connects to the stomach organ), and continues down the front and sides of the leg to end up on the second toe. Affecting the channel affects the internal organs. So points along the Stomach channel are selected in treating Stomach disorders. Sometimes the problem is just in the channel – you twisted your knee and caused an obstruction in the Stomach channel, so points along the Stomach channel (and not just near your knee!) are chosen to remove the obstruction.